After School Matters offers Chicago teens innovative out-of-school activities in the arts, communication, sports, science and technology.

After School Matters is a nonprofit organization that offers Chicago teens innovative out-of-school activities through its science37, sports37, tech37, words37 and nationally-recognized gallery37 programs. Programs are provided through a network of public and private partnerships that include the City of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Library and community-based organizations across the city. Hands-on, project-based programs introduce teens to rewarding careers and help them develop marketable job skills.

Metro Deaf School, a free public charter school serving Preschool-12th Grade, provides a bilingual and interdisciplinary curriculum using American Sign Language (ASL) and English for students who are primarily Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard-of-Hearing.

Metro Deaf School promotes academic excellence for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students using an ASL/English bilingual approach. Our primary purpose is to empower our students to develop the skills and knowledge to succeed as global citizens.